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After some years it was time for  a little change . Now there are less different species on one page .
It means some more pages.  But  it takes a shorter time to get  the   pages  on your screen. And  I have done  this because  not everybody is interested in all species.
Behind every picture there is a page.  On these pages you wil find doggirls, centaurs, pigeongirls, girls half human half zebra. And ofcourse mermaids.
But if you dare to look beyond the weird you wil find human quadrupeds.
If you would like to see a new animal just send me a message . But remember I do only girls.

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giraffe queen
mother and daughter antilope
happy centaur
in the austrian alps  
beautiful bitch  
flying hybrids  

curious llama
two talking monkeys
variety of animals  
piggirl wallowing in the mud on a summers day
  do you want to kiss her

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